Monday, April 13, 2015

Review- Too Cool For School - Hand Cream & Beauty Sponge

Yet another purchase that spawn out of my greediness to search of holy grail of beauty products.

The sea of beauty products are too much one can endure and buy, for I am only a poor peasant girl who unfortunately likes high end products. For this, I am curse. 

We all are... damned. Another product that I see has a cute packaging but care none for their product are Too Cool For School until I bought myself a hand cream by the name of Rose and Mark. That alone can change the course of my purchase history.

It does has a cute fluffy cat which is my biggest weakness. Hence, I picked it up while the sales girl recited the product as if she's a tape recorder robot. Every time I picked up a product, she will play like a tape recorder and recite the ingredients, for what and how to use and if it is a best seller, all but the price. Funny really, but I went home with Rose and Mark and a beauty sponge in the end. The tape recorder does something on my mind it seems.

The hand cream was divine. The hand cream of only royalties, kings and queen and princesses wear if their hands are feeling dry from hot mess and this hand cream made it smooth and hydrated. It is a superb hand cream. My hands aren't sticky and left with scent that only grandmother appreciates. My sister called it "It smells like a grandmother, a hip grandmother who likes hand creams before going to bed". 

It has a nice comforting smell and grandmother or not, I love it. Price RM 53. 

Beauty sponge is a like any beauty sponge, to blend out foundation and concealers and it does it job well and though it is slightly hard sponge when you try to squeeze it, it blends well. Price RM 37. 

What I like about it is their packaging, I can put any of my beauty blender and looks cute too. Bonus! 

Perhaps next time, I will try their powders, foundations and lipstick/lip stains. Alas, til we meet again. 


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