Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Review - In2it Brow Liner

My my what a surprise this brow pencil from in2it cosmetics gave me. The reason I bought this because.....

a) It was cheap 

b) It has slim thin feature. 

c) I need a backup brow liner since I often forget  Tarte's gel mousse and pretty much lazy to sit and  do my brow. 

So I thought if I don't like this, throw it away but it seems this is not bad at all, not bad at all. The brown color in Chestnut and Acorn that I purchased suits my hair color and my skin tone too and since it is a very thin brow liner, I can easily control it and do small light stroke of my barely there/ messy/ ununiform brow to a decent brow. 

Most of the time, I will only use Chestnut but if I have more time, I will do somewhat gradient effect on my brow with Acorn, Chestnut and top with Tarte eyebrow gel mousse. Gosh, and to think it is only for eyebrows. 

Perhaps that because my brow isn't thick makes it hard for me to search for brow liner that does not makes it even more bolder or squarish. 


To conclude, this liner makes my brow on FLEEK.  

I purchased it at Watson  Pharmacy around RM17.

(me and half done face)


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