Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Review - Be Good

This is impromptu purchase which I regret nothing. My sis and I went to The Curve and they have this bazaar of independent businesses doing their sell and I bought 3 products to bring home with me. 

It was mainly one cute stall by the name of Be Good. It sells face scrub, body scrub, lip scrub, lip balm and also mosquito repeller. wait, what? 

It has a cute packaging and I thought it could be a lip balm! so when the sales girl told us it was a mosquito repeller, I feel impressed instantly. It has a hipster way of showing my mosquito repeller is better than yours. Nevertheless, it has a cute packaging. 

At the end, I bought Body Scrub in Lavender Dream RM 25, Lip Balm in Mandarin  Lemonade RM8 and an Organic Face Scrub RM 10. Yes, it was cheap and I regret not to buy more. I will, I will when I finish all of these. They have a few more scents to choose and I really wanted to know if people are digging to smell like lemongrass.

Back home, I treat myself for body scrub and face scrub. Body scrub leaves my skin oh-so-smooth. It does leaves somewhat a greasy feeling but once you wipe with towels and totally dry, your skin is smooth like baby bottom. I did not smell the scent myself but my sis told me the scent is quite prominent when I step outside the bathroom.  

For face scrub, the sales girl told me this is the only product which is edible, it contains Rice, Oats and I have no idea what is the third ingredient but I can assure you it smells like Quaker Oats. 

I guess I am using it wrong and should at least use it after patting my face dry after cleansing it.

I did it differently after cleanse my face and add a little water to make it a paste and it does leaves my skin feeling delicious and smooth. I couldn't say what have it done to my skin but as long it does not break me out, I am happy. 
As for lip balm, if you are not fancy to have much oily feeling on lips, this one might not be your cup of tea. It has a bit of grainy and oily feeling that probably best for someone who has extremely dry lips. As for me, since I bought, I might as well use it til it finish as I am not fancy the grainy feeling of lip balm as well.

Conclusively body scrub and face scrub has a higher place in my beauty vanity. 

Do check them out at: https://www.facebook.com/BeGoodTo


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