Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Make Up Mistake (So Far)

Happy New Year of 2015! Welcome 2015! Welcome yet another adventure ahead! 

First post of 2015 is Mistake I've Made So Far With Makeup. 

Every girl made a mistake in make up and up until now I think I made mistakes here and there too. Since I am not using make up daily nor work in the industry, I admit doing make up does take skills. 

Salute to all makeup artist! 

Here are my beauty mistakes all in one pic... 

1. Messy eyebrow/ Too thin brows 
Naturally my brows isn't thick, it is short and shapeless. So after discovering a good eyebrow gel (Tarte Eyebrow mousse), I have a an eyebrow I can be proud of! 

2. Eyeshadow not blend enough. 

It look rather unpolished and silly on me. 

3. Eyeshadow blends too much. 

There is a case of too much blending, my eye make up looks muddy or messy. 

4. Mismatch foundation. 

Need to get match foundation with neck. enough said. It takes time to buy a foundation, make that time. It's worth it. 

That's all for now. Perhaps I will add more if I found another makeup mishap! 
Keep learning! 


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