Sunday, November 2, 2014

Waffle Lover at Wafflemeister, KLCC

It was Saturday morning and since I work in graveyard shift,my hunger is differ than normal human being or just me being older. 

I want something sweet and fulfilling so my friend and I went to Wafflemeister located at Level 3, KLCC.

A London based business that specialized Liege waffles.. what is liege waffle? It is caramelized sugar glistering on waffle. 

 How does it taste like? Like a waffle but sweeter. hehe. Ok ok  Is it good? Yes! 
Would I eat here again? Yes! Is it expensive? Hell Yeah! 

I don't say it is the best waffle but if you are waffle loving freak, try will leave you fulfilling with smile with tons of calories. It is weekend so who cares! 
 A friend of mine who refuse I took her pic are on the verge of exploding since we had a big breakfast.

The place ambiance is cool and it looks like an American diner and it focus on being takeaway rather than sitting in. So do not expect to get seat every time or being an asshole and seat there for too long. 

For more pic, check this out.

Price range is RM 11- RM19.

It was a good waffle. Good waffle. 


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