Thursday, November 27, 2014

Vice 3 - Thanksgiving look- Red Tutorial

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am not celebrating here in Malaysia but it is holiday and I work with Americans so it would be appropriate for me to wish.

SO move along, I did a red tutorial this time using none other Vice 3 from Urban Decay. I can't stop playing with that palette.

I hope you like it and thanks for your visit!

1. Add Primer, I am using Beyu color stick in Beige, it set so fast, the moment you put it on, you need to spread it right there and then. 

2. Using Cork from MAC as transition color, this can be use Downfall from Vice 3.

3. Truth on brow bone to highlight. 

4. Alchemy on crease and blend it outward.

5. Bondage on crease to define the crease since I don't have a crease...sob..sob...

6. Blend Bondage and Alchemy together with same brush as Alchemy color.

7. Sonic on lid.

8. Sonic and Bondage on lower lid. 

9. Fake lashes 

10. annnd you're done! 

Face: MAC Skinfinish in Medium Plus & Holika blush highlighter. 


Lip: NYX lip liner in rose & Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist.

Brow: Maybelline MasterBrow in Grey-ish color 
( I don't know the exact name color) 

Here a short video to simplify things.


Monday, November 24, 2014

Vice 3 - Gold Brown look Tutorial

It's holiday season and boy, times flies , do they?

I have a tutorial on fav palette for now, Vice 3 by Urban Decay . 

It is a gold brownish look I would say and I hope you like it.
I did a short video on this as well, just for this blog and my readers only. ^_^ I apologized for video quality and it will be improved. Thanks for watching and reading my tutorial.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Review-BeYu Lip Creme

This dark lips aren't showing when I need them to be and it looks so appropriate when it is not to wear it for work. 

The flash and lighting made it less appealing but it is a cool dark maroon color in person. It is grundgy lip color, I say. 

I don't know how to describe this lipstick. It is more like a gloss but thicker. I love the texture of it and when I learned BeYu sold here, I rushed to their store and I couldn't find the exact product. Quite dissappointed but alas I am glad that I've been introduced to this BeYu cosmetics and found that they have other quality products. It was a sample given to me in The Lilac Box. 

Since it is a lipstick gloss, the staying power isn't there and I need to keep reapplying whenever my mouth moves.

Ok ok I just kidding. No staying power nevertheless. Perhaps some lip primer would do. I should try that. 


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Review- Holika Highlighter Blusher

A dear friend of mine, Amelia gave me this since I adore cats and bless her heart for this gift. It is a blusher and a highlighter.

The brand is Holika and it is a Korean brand. It is my first encounter with this brand and it seems like it's popular in Korea. 

It pack with tons of glitters and once you swipe it, glitter ! glitter everywhere!  

This is perfect for overall body shimmer. Plus it smells good too, like a talcum powder .

If you want to know more about this particular product, visit their website Holika- Hello Blusher or visit them at Berjaya Time Square 


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Review - Waffles @ Food court Level 4

Waffles, it makes my heart beat and my mouth water. Last few week I discovered Wafflemeister and today I revisit my old time favorite waffle place, Level 4   Suria KLCC. I don't get their official names.. opss wont get lost  at level 4 Food court. Waffles is the only place there.

You won't miss it ^_^

I love how waffle made there.. fluffy and right amount of sweetness. If you love sweeten waffles, go to Wafflemeister( I did a post about it a few days back).

The price are cheap too! I think they didn't even increase the price for the last 5 years.    

Below waffles I ate "Chocolate Galore" is only RM5 and it is huge potion. I ate breakfast  earlier and end my feast with this scrumptious waffle.. life is great. hehehe. 

Sorry I almost finished it...

Head down there if you have waffle cravings. Cheap and delicious!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Review- Sephora R19 Charmer & Sephora Lipliner in 14 Radiant Rosy

What do you get A Charmer and A Radiant Rosy?Obsession.

Lipliner in 014 Radiant Rosy

The pencil is short to begin with and it is not a good thing but I love its color so I don't mind. It stayed on quite long if I did not eat or drink.. heheh... 

R19 Charmer

It a nice cream lipstick which glides smoothly and last longer with help of lipliner. The color are gorgeous, suitable
for work as it is a nude brownish pink to it. 

Though it made me want to whiten my teeth. 

I never bother to use lipstick at work nor casually but this lipstick and liner change my mind.  

Before bare lips


This is the longest relationship I have with lipstick and I am committed to this relationship since the lippie bought last week. 

What's yours? 


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Review - Interstellar

Interstellar is my horror movie. It is horror that I keep imagine what would I do in space with relativity and time are pretty much different on earth and being in the middle of space and darkness... darkness on earth I can cope since I can run but in space, where Can you run?

It was directed and produced by Christopher Nolan, the man who also directed Inception, so do not watch if you want to watch light hearted movie. 

I don't want to crack myself to understand the astronaut jargon or physics terms in the movie but it won't left you totally lost either. 

It is beautiful and horror movie at the same, the vision of space, the black bole, and everything in between connect beautifully. 

Go and watch it. I was at the edge at my seat when the wave in..  

 (This is how I look like when the wave saying hello)
photo credit 

What are you waiting for? Go and watch it.