Sunday, September 14, 2014

Benefit Lip & Cheek in Camellia

I always like the idea of multi-purpose products. Great for travel especially.


It is cream consistency and it might not suitable for oily skin. I have an oily skin and of course they aren't any rules for applying make up but there's few ways of using it for cheeks. 

1. Before foundation and powder. 

2. After foundation before powder. 

3. After foundation and powder. 

4. Wearing it alone (if you have acne/ scar free skin). 

I normally used before
powder but most of the time, I love applying on my lips alone. 

It is nude shade and has beautiful finish.

Personally, it is a great nude shade and I am glad I purchased it. It would look good with every skin tone and it has become my favorite nude shade. 

Before applying powder and this lip & cheek 

After powder and lip and cheek...

Buy it~! ^_^

oh.. and the bad thing about this is,,, how quickly the casing become dull? It is not even 3 months yet...

Have a great day, peeps! 


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sabah 3 days 2 nights trip

Day 1

Back from work at 6 am and all 9 of us are going to Sabah. One of Borneo famous land, which it is known for Mount Kinabalu, Probosis monkeys and Sipadan island. 

We rent a van from office 8:30 am straight to KLIA 2, a new low cost flight replaced LCCT. 

Since a friend of mine arranged the transportation, whom had to cancelled his flight due to unfortunate event. I was in panic mode when the van did not arrived on time and later found out that the driver thought he had to picked us up at 9am! Fortunately, he was around the area and pick us up around 8:45 am. 

We were happy as a bird and chatting how are we going to spend at Sabah and the guys were teasing each other and all that when the highway are in heavy traffic! I was in my second panic mode.. and keep checking my watch and thought "we have time, we have time" when suddenly one of van tires blowed up, literally into pieces.

We were 15 minutes away from the airport and that happened?!! I was in my third panic mode, this time I couldn't contained myself and start calling my dad and

tell him that we urgently need a transportation and made my dad in a panic mode too. Sorry, dad! Around this moment the mood become so tense and they don't feel to go through with Sabah trip. I tried to keep a positive mind and say "we can make it" though I am sure my expression reflected otherwise. 

After 15-20 minutes,the PlusRonda arrived and save the day and they were fast too. Once the tire are back on, the driver rush to the airport and we ran like mad kids who always missed the school bus. 

We told ourselves, "We made it! We actually made it". 

We arrived at 2:30 pm and rented a 12 seater van for RM 660 for 2 days. 

We went to eat at Tanjung Aru since most of us did not had any breakfast. ( Remember tire burst?)

We arrived at Marina Court and settled in our apartment and around 7 pm we headed to Seafood dinner place around the block. 

Here are pics of aparment. Good stay for big group. Jack's Apartment. 


You really need to eat here at KK Night Seafood
Market between KK Central Market and Segama Watefront. It is famous among Sabahan. All you have to do is choose from all variety of
fishes, lobsters, prawns and etc and tell them how you want to cook it and let them do the work and you will have a feast! A great feast, my tastebud approved! 

The first night of dinner. A sneak peek for all you hungry people. 

After fulfilling our desire of seafood feast, we retreat to our apartment and rest since next day would be a very one day pack activities. 

Day 2

Morning!! It was 5 a.m. and we were up and grumpy to go to Kundasang. We arrived around to a place of heaven on earth. 

It was a must place to visit! It was totally reminded me of New Zealand with their black and white cows and scenery. I felt nostalgic and wanting to go back to
New Zealand. ok.. move along! 

I bought too much dairy products, plain yogurt, waffles with peanut butter and chocolate and chocolate drink. I am ashamed since I broke my vows on Do Not Waste Foods categories. 

After we had fun at Kundasang, we decided to stop at Kinabalu Park before heading back to the city. If you like hiking, you'll love it here. 

Around 1 p.m. we arrived at the city and straight to go island hopping. We took charter boat since it is cheaper and we were in big group. 3 Islands: Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sapi  & Pulau Mamutik.

I wont bored you with details on how I can't swim and had a life jacket all along. 

Around 5 p.m. we decided to go back to the city and rest and later that night had our dinner at seafood night market. 

All of us at that moment are beat and since my camera died on me due to lack efficiency of charging it, I don't have any pic to show you guys. 

We were planning to hang out until late night but one by one saying sayonara and hi to bedroom. Off the lights. 

Day 3 

Woke up around 9 am, feeling refresh and meeting up for breakfast and went to buy sourvenirs for families and friends at Filipino market. 

I bought dried prawns and anchovies for my mom since she requested back home. My mom told me dried prawns from Sabah are delicious, all I know my mom cooks delicious so ingredients pap talk don't really get to me as yet. 

Before we all went back, we had a massage.
Most of them opt for foot massage but I went for Back Massage. I was having a bad back pain a week before Sabah trip
and it really does wonder and very much needed. I just glad my back pain does not give me any trouble in Sabah. 

We did massage at Warisan Square. Here are the scan for the prices for massage they provided. 

It was a great trip and every one was getting along very well and co-operative.

I had fun 😊 

Until next trip! 


Thursday, September 11, 2014

First Impression on Bourjois Unifying Powder

It is too early to tell that Bourjois Unifying Powder is good for me or has deliver such miracle on my skin but I can tell you that I could not wait to try it when I return from work hence the first impression. 

So I took my Elianto kabuki brush and swipe it on my skin. To my relief, the color match.. pheww!

Perhaps I am a person who don't usually struck love at first swipe but it happened. with this powder. 

It gave me matte finish BUT (big but) it doesn't go flat.. or powdery.. do you get what I mean? It gave me a glow too! Even out skin tone and best of all, hide some of my acne scars. Not all but enough to make it fade. 

It is lightweight, you won't feel it is there. 

The only downfall of this? There are no puff inside, it would be perfect to do touch up. 

I will update my discoveries on this powder after work and leisure. Staying power and oil control. Mean time, Happy Thursday! 

Have a great day, peeps! 


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Essence Quattro "To Die For" palette look

Yet again another look by Essence quattro palette. I went for a wedding in Singapore and brought this palette since my bag is verge on explosion of too much stuffs so I was in dilemma whether Naked 3 or Essence. 

Essence win because of it size.  

Move along to this look, I've added MAC Cork as transitional above crease color since I love how brown and reddish brown like cork looks good together. 

Here are the deeds for the rest of the face. 

Skin: Estee Lauder Double Wear in Tawny and MAC mineralized skin finish. 

Eyes: MAC Cork and Essence Quattro To Die For palette. Eyeliner: Maybelline masterliner in Brown and fake lashes from Ardell. Eyebrow: Tarte eyebrow mousse in Medium Brown

Lips: Lips and Cheeks in Camilla from Benefit Cosmetic; Be-yu lipgloss 

I will do a short tutorial on this because it is that easy. 

Have a great day, peeps! 


Bourjois Paris has landed in Kuala Lumpur!

Maybe it is old news but I just discovered it today! It retail at Watson, Pavilion KL and I couldn't wait to try some of their famous products and talked about. 

I bought Unifying Powder that claimed up to 10 hours of matte finish with healthy glow. 

It retail price at RM 43,90 and hope the color Dark Beige is suitable with my skin color now. The moment I saw Bourjois counter, I go nuts and perhaps too nuts that I bought this immediately, only done  few swatches on my face. Bad idea.. do not do it at spur at the moment! *face palm* 

Let's hope my impromptu shopping is not a disaster. 

Have a great day, peeps! 


Tarte Eyebrow Mousse in Medium Brown

I am lazy when come to applying makeup to work. The only thing I managed and willing to do is applying tinted lip balm. 

After I purchased Tarte eyebrow mousse in medium brow about 2 months ago, I have neat and I could say awesome eyebrows to work everyday. 

This is the one product that I bring and apply everyday. 

              image from 

It is so easy to apply with angled brush that comes with this mousse and since I have this marvelous product, I don't even pluck my eyebrow anymore. 

Say YAY! to full eyebrows! 

The staying power are reasonable and did last for 8 hours at least. I even swam with these eyebrow
mousse in the sea and it stayed! Faded a bit but it didn't went total vanish. Perhaps because of the sea salts... 

The bad thing? There are only 3 colors available Taupe, Medium Brown & Rich Brown, which it can be a bit too dark for those who aren't into dark brows. 

The price are RM 110 at Sephora Malaysia. 

Here are the pic of before I found eyebrow mousse.. 

After I found and learn how to do my brows properly... 

Much much better. 

Have a great day, peeps! 


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Essence Quattro Over The Taupe look# 3

I did a post on these palette a while ago and I will always recommend these range of palettes from Essence because of their pigmentation, blendable and affordable. 

It can be too much for wearing smokey grey look in day time but public opinion is none of my business so here you go. I used all of the colors from the palette.  

Have a great day, peeps! If I can do this, so can you because seriously it
does take trial and error to get it right. 

Taupe is not is my preferred color, this is rather surprising to me. (insert shocking face here). Good job, Essence!