Monday, September 9, 2013

Eye Makeup Tutorial

Eye Make up Tutoria: Pink and Brown

I've did this eye make about two weeks ago, I guess. I've posted it on Instagram first and forgot to attached it here. Oppss! sorry! A friend of mine request to have tutorial on this look hence here it is ^_^ 

It is a simple look with Pink and Brown color. I think I've done this look often and it is by far my favorite look to wear. Either on night out or day light. It suits all day! ^_^ 

 Here's the link of my look I've done before using the same colors: 

 Return of the Pink

Pink and Brown

Without further a due, here are a simple tutorial for you and me ( in case I forget how to):-

1. Prime eyes with eyeshadow primer. I am using Essence “I Love Stage” primer
 2. Put pink eyeshadow on the lid. Savee cosmetics.
3. Add brown on outer corner, “V” shape.
4. Blend the brown with pink so there’s no harsh lines.
5. Add a darker brown to intensify to give a bit of smokey eyes. Wet and Wild.
6. Swipe a gold eyeshadow on top of brown and blend.
7. Do your brow and eyeliner, put fake lashes which you love and You are Done!

Hope you like it and til I see you again!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Orange on the Eye

Give me a little Orange

The color that I seldom choose on a palette. Now I made this look, it change my perspective on orange color on my eyes. I mean, it brighten my brown eyes! ^_^ 


L'Oreal Magique Highlithing Pen

Benefits Hello! Flawless Foundation in Honey 

MAC Skin Finish Mineralize Powder Natural in Medium Plus

MAC Mineralize Concealer in NW 30


120 Palette 

MAC Eye Kohl Eyeliner in Fascinating 

Fake Lashes from SASA. 


Essence Stay With Me LongLasting Lipgloss in Trendsetter. 

Til I see you again! Have a great Day!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Benefit's shopping of guilt. 

I fall into trap of cute packaging and brand name Benefits it is like kryptonite to me. I always buy something from them.

I was going to the Benefit counter for only their brow specialist to clean up my brows after  2 years of doing nothing on it. After I got my brows done and whilst waiting for girl to give me the receipt for service, I made a mistake by walking around Benefits counter and after 15 minutes, I bought their PoreFessional and Hello Flawless Compact Powder!

In additional, the girl at the counter gave me a cute little sample of Hello Flawless Liquid Foundation! *sigh* 

So I ended up with these babies at home... 

the PoreFessional 

This is one product that feel velvet on my skin. It is so soft and blend nicely on my skin and it fills my pore as it should be. Even after washing my face, it left my skin feeling soft. I love love the smell as well. 

Price: RM 115

Here are before and after I put on PoreFessional. My skin is a bit oily and as you can see on right image, PoreFessional made it looking matte and it reduce redness. 

Before                                                                                       After

After putting this PoreFessional, I went to put on my liquid foundation and it cover up even more of my pores. I apologized for this quite gruesome image. I hope it make you want to buy it even more.. lol~ *evil laugh* 

Here are the ingredients for these PoreFessional: 

Hello Flawless Compact Powder. 

This compact powder comes with sponge for bit more coverage and small brush for sheer coverage though my findings are the brush is enough to cover my skin redness. Though it does not last long and my skin tend to get oily after 3 hours, I reapply it and it makes my skin fresh and matte again. It does not makes my skin looks cakey or too powdery after second application which is good! 

 Price: RM130

Lastly, Hello! Flawless Liquid Foundation 

As it is a sample, I truly enjoy sampling and it turns out that I am falling in love with this foundation. 

It blends well with my skin tone and love when I removed the foundation, which it leaves my skin soft and fresh. Some foundations, when I removed it, it can make my skin a bit drier or a bit dull. 

I think it will be my next purchase when I get my brows done. Hopefully only this foundation, nothing else. 

Price: RM120


Here is my full face that I used all of these products above.

till I see you again ! Have a great day!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fake Lashes

Fake lashes. 

When I started make up a few years ago, I also indulge in varieties of fake lashes that available out there because having a pair of nice fake lashes really helps my eye shadows appear more appealing, elegant and polish and sometimes it changes my eye shape. 

I bought these lashes around KL and I fairly satisfied with these lashes as they are very soft and I do not feel there's a ton of lashes hanging on my eyes. 

 Here are these lashes on my eyes, so you will get the better picture on how it look like on my eyes. 

        This is from Doll Lash and it has become my favorite fake lashes! The price is RM 27 from Watson.
This is one out of three fake lashes available from Eyelash Kit from Forever 21. Price for 3 lashes are RM 20. 
 This is also from Eyelash Kit from Forever 21.

  This is also from Eyelash Kit from Forever 21. 

 I've finally bought this 10 pairs of eye lashes made from Taiwan and it cost me RM 25. It is very natural and I am eager to try their other lashes as well.. ^_^  Though one bad thing about having the same pair of 10 is I tend to disposed it too quickly after usage, my mind playing tricks on me as I have another 9 of these. damn!

My favorite lashes from Doll Lash. Same price of RM 27 from Watson. 


 I bought this at Sephora for RM22 and I really like the way it curves on my lids. Love. <3 nbsp="" span="">

 til' I see you again! ^_^