Sunday, July 21, 2013

PeriPera Tint Milk

PeriPera Tint In Peach Milk

Last week, I picked up Lip Tint from PeriPera at Watson's. Though I prefer lipstick but since I do not want to be obvious that I am wearing lipstick while at work,  I tried lip tint and the thing that attracted me to PeriPera is the packaging. I am guilty. I love the art from Mari Kim since I watched 2NE1 music video. 

 Is it cute?! 

What do I think of them? They are great for a tint. It look rather orange at first but after a while, it gives a nice natural lip color with red under tone that you suppose to born with. ^_^ 

Here are my lips before and after. 

Like any other lip tint, it does not last long and it requires reapply every time. 

The price is quite pricey for a cute little tint but I guess it worth the color payoff and cute packaging.  

If you like this art, check her blog at Mari Kim's Art of Life.

PeriPera website which in Korean. **sigh***

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekend Makeup

Weekend Make up 

Essence "Over The Taupe" Quattro Palette  

Look #2

Hello again to my humble blog,

This is my second look of Essence "Over The Taupe" Quattro palette. 

IF you notice, my right eye have more smokey-ness as I did put black kohl from Miss Rose all over my lids prior to my eyeshadow and my left eye , I just use the eyeshadow from the palette. 

I like the smokey look so I prefer with kohl look. Either way, this palette really rocks! 

Here's the look which I did vertical gradient technique. If you want to know more about this make up technique, please check out MakeUp By Bun Bun for Asian eyes. Her article about Asian eyes and how to apply eye shadows is magnificent! I learned a lot! At least I don't feel my eyes is weird to work with! 

~~~~~ With Kohl~~~~ 

~~~Without Kohl~~~~ 

                     ~~~With Kohl ~~~~~                ~~Without Kohl~~                                 

  I hope you like it~  Have a great day and See you soon~ 

Note: Link to my first look on this palette: Look #1


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Make up Weekend

Weekend Makeup

 Essence "Over The Taupe" Quattro

Look #1

Happy Weekend!

It has been awhile that I played with my eyeshadow. I did not stop playing with it, especially buying it but it seems I lost the touch or mojo. I am blaming the work.

I work night shift hence my laziness is increasing by letting my skin breathe and look as pale as possible.
I am impressed by women who have discipline to apply make up every day to work and after praying. I salute you.

Cut to the chase, I am currently playing with Essence "Over The Taupe" Quattro palette.

I will try to make some looks out of this 4 colors only. Wish me luck. ^_^

 The Not So  Close Up.. Final look. 

Thanks! I'll see you soon! Have a great Sunday! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Malacca @ Night


 My New Fav Shopping Destination

Ok, I admit, I love Malacca. I love Jonker Street and when I heard they want to remove Jonker street, I was devastated, furious and absolutely feeling the authorities making a huge mistake! 
It was the best thing in Malacca to have Jonker Street and at weekend, even though I really dislike crowds and cramp places but I would make Jonker Street an exception! 

I tend to buy some things there. At least one or two things. or even 10 ! 
Though this time, I was there with my family to celebrate Father's Day.  
It kinda of a treat for me and me sis for him and my mom , so we, sisters let them have they own date night , with Malacca boat cruise and Malacca's famous extravagant rickshaws. 

We just being there for a night. It is pretty near from Nilai, Negeri Sembilan so it is perfect weekend gateaway. 

 We stayed at Bayview Hotel Melaka and it is the last option we had. It was fully booked other places and this is the nearest and nicest place I could find. 

I won't review about the hotel, I've done it at

One thing strike me with this room that it is pretty old by the looks of the furniture and sign of "Tolong" or Help craved on lower of the table. 

Did I freak out? Not really. The first thing was in my mind that "this person watched too much horror movie". 

Before we reached to the hotel, we ate at Tiga Lima Restaurant or "Three Five Restaurant", my dad said it is quite a famous restaurant in Melaka with their famous "Asam Masak Pedas". I guess it was ok for me. 

This is the only thing that left. 

Jonker street was the IT place in Malacca. I've ended up bought well, quite much of "unnecessaries".


". Some shirts, watches and key chains? lol. Well, can't show them. I forgot which one I bought there. Lol.

We had a great night and I am glad my dad and mom had a great date night ^_^ 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Savee Beauty

Hello People!

I hope you  have a great weekend!

A few weeks ago, Savee did another promotion tour to Bandar Tasik Selatan's LRT and with that, my RM40/ USD $12 is gone.

Let me explain, I did review on Savee mask before and went super crazy about it and purchased at least 20 of them? After all, it is only RM2 each or USD $0.63.
So recently, they have another promo tour and the masks are RM1/ USD $0.30 each! I ended up with 30 more masks and few eyeshadow pan with only RM2 each.

I do not want to talk about the mask because I reviewed them before. So, let's move on to the next best thing, RM2 eyeshadow.

Is it worth it? Honestly, I'm in love with it now. It is surprisingly quite pigmented and easily blend. One of them are matte and mostly are metallic finish.
Whatever it is, it is worth my RM20. ^_^

Damn, I should buy more. Anyway, I am sure they have it again.

The eyeshadow does not have any cute name for it. It has some what of a code but I threw the little box away and perhaps I will make my own color name?

Most of the shadows I've picked are pastel/candy colors. I usually stay away from it and opt for more bright colors or I prefer bright bright in your face color though I know such pigmented colors comes with a price. ^_^

Since it was RM2 each, I might as well give it a try. 


Matte blue really. pigmented, quite. I am satisfied.


Dark Green

Shimmer finish. It does not crave too much attention since my skin is on tan side. Kind of blend it.

Light Green

Frosty color, very pastel. Not my fav among these 10 eyeshadows I bought. Chalky finish. meh!

Pink Light

Metallic finish. Perfect for highlighting.

Pink Dark.

Since my eyes is brown, I feel using this color makes this shadow a bit Red? some angle it does look a bit of purple.

Purple dark

pigment is meh, but with jumbo pencil from nyx, this color is nice metallic finish.

Purple light

Lavender, really. Beautiful metallic finish and pigmented even without primer/jumbp pencil. Love.


looks gold but more to orange gold? Shimmery!


2 browns. The same two browns. I just notice it. The other brown looks tad lighter than other, so I thought it is a different hue of brown but the lighting fools me and thus, I bought two SIMILAR browns.

It is a metallic finish, very pigmented. It is great for contouring or blending. ^_^ Love.

Overall, I am satisfied with these colors. Blendable and pigmented.

Here are some of the looks using these shadows.

That's all folks. If you have a chance to bump into Savee counter, just give it a try. It's bloody cheap! ^_^

I will try do more looks with it. Thanks for reading. ^_^