Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas of 2012

Jolly Year 

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. 

I hope no one been naughty this year. 
and I wish you happiness wherever you are. 

Look for Christmas made by Sleek "Storm" palette. 


  Happy Happy End Of The Year................ 

Hope will be more interesting year in 2013.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Avon Purple Haze

On my previous post, I reviewed 2 Avon palettes and yet only one I wore and I know some of you wondering if Purple Haze is any better.

1 answer, YES! JA! JO! IYA!  (that would be  4)

It was absolutely wonderful to work with such a beautiful palette like Purple Haze. It may not be really stand out purple but my gosh, I will give Avon an applause...

 (photo credit: applause)

I love how easy it blend with other colors. I am mainly using from Purple Haze palette.

Pretty, no?

I wore this look when I went out with me sis, my beloved partner in crime.Oh yes, how was preparation for Christmas? I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! 
Perhaps if you are stuck on gift giving this year, you can buy this palette instead! ^_^ 
It is not high-end product but it gives a beautiful finish and I am sure this would blown any women brain to dust and turns into glitters. ^_^ 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sleek Palette

A Sleek 13 Dwarves, A Wizard and A Hobbit and The Make UP.

Here and Back again, Peter Jackson is back to bring us the magical The Hobbits: An Unexpected  Journey and here I am watched it twice now at the cinema. Obsess much?I guess. Such an adorable dwarves but personally I wouldn't want them in my house too! ^_^ such a rude guests! 

I am not talking about bunch of Dwarves now, that for others to comment on their blog. I am 100% supporting LOTR/The Hobbit trilogy all the way. There will be no negative comments on the movies. I am here because this is the look I did when watching 13 dwarves killing orcs.

I had bought a Sleek Makeup palette in Storm, one word. Impress. 

This palette is by far the most pigmented palette I ever owned so far. It has a beautiful finish and I am utterly pleased with whatever I paint my eyelids with this palette. I feel like a pro! ^_^ 

 I haven't managed to take pictures or to blog about my so-called look of the day because I will usually already fashionably late at that time ^_^

Here are the look. A simple brown smokey-ish look with a bit of green on outer lid. Just a weee bit. It looks like black but in person, it is a dark green.

Colors that I chose are....

 Used: Maroon color, I suppose? Dark Red-ish.

  Used: 3 natural colors and Dark Green. 

 Used: Far Left, Dark Brown.

That is all, I guess. Nothing out of extraordinary. Though I really recommend of Sleek Makeup palette. It is very pigmented even without any primer. ^_^ Thanks for reading and strolling on my pictures. Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion on which Sleek Makeup should I will be getting next ...^_^ 


Sunday, December 9, 2012


What I like about Birthdays 

IS the gifts! Obvious? State the Obvious? I love giving gifts and receiving them. It is impossible not to love receiving gifts. ^_^ 

Even though my birthday was 2 months ago but I appreciate that my friend gave me this beautiful and thoughtful gifts for my birthday. She knows how I love collecting and hoarding make up palette! The best dialogue of all time is "I have a present for you" and as a mature young women, I would giggled and smile restlessly to that statement. If I am a superwoman, my present are my kryptonite.

I didn't get the chance to use this gorgeous palette while I was at Malacca, I am utterly lazy to use make up while traveling, I will somehow get the feeling I will use more of this palette than others, as it is quite a natural tone palette and the fact that Avon did changed my mind. 

I do like Avon stuffs but before they have this range of good eye shadows, it was super crappy before. My first Avon products I used when I was 14 yo. That was because my high school friend were pointing on Avon products on close range of my eyes. ^_^ So in fear, I have to buy it. That where I thought, Avon rep was scary. 

Fast forward... This is the palette. 

L-R: Earth Tone & Purple Haze

Victoria Secret Wink, Wink Fragrance Mist. Another review  perhaps....

Here are the swatches. Flash and without flash.

Purple Haze 

                                                                                          Earth Tones 

This is what I wore last weekend when my family and I went to Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. 

I've used Earth tone palette and I couldn't be more impressed. Absolutely and ultimately gorgeous colors! 

Conclusion: Beautiful palette and natural colors that this palette will get abuse treatment from me for the next few weeks.

A Big Thank you, Minah! ^_^ I lap you!

Sunday, December 2, 2012



- Perfect Short Trip over the Weekend- 



All hail the Sultan! 

Historical Land




Jonker Street 




Hotel Puri Malacca 


Food- Cendol & Ice Kacang

Have a great Day!!