Friday, November 30, 2012


Malacca Art Mural 

What if every building in Malaysia like this? ^_^  


Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I see smoke 

 Essence Smokey Set

Again? you might say. I replied "The Essence of smokey is irresistible" .  True, it makes your eyes sexy.... Thank you for somebody who created smokey look. I bow to you. 
My product of the day is Essence Smokey Eyes set.


It is cheap and I can't resist not to buy it. go figure (eyes rolling). 
Before you jumped from the bed to buy this stuff, I think you can skip this one. 
It's ok for quick eye make up when your whole make up stash is blown into pieces by giant evil bugs. 
The point is, I don't recommend this. 

There's 2 colors, blackish purple (it looks more black in person) and purple. 

Texture of blackish purple color is somewhat creamy, very sheer creamy.

Purple is ok, quite pigmented. 

As you can see here,this is dark creamy purple alone.


 After apply purple on top of it... 

After applying matte black, taaddaa.. smokey is born. Much better. 

My conclusions is, Smokey is Useless without Matte Black. 

There goes my review on Essence Smokey Set. 

Til Next Time~  Happy Weekdays!~~

Monday, November 26, 2012

eye makeup

   Not-So-Natural Eye Make up

I would say so-so natural.. It just happened that I get bored when I think I did natural eyes and end up smoking it. GREAATT.... well.. natural smokey then?!. 

I created this look from Sleek "Storm" Palette that I bought a few days ago. I am officially in love with Sleek palette. Why? It is so pigmented, and creamy like texture, I don't need a primer to make it stand out~ How awesome! 

Of course, only for this purpose and I don't go anywhere. If I were going out, I'll definitely wear primer underneath. 

To make it more lazy natural smokey eye look, I just skip mascara. It was awkward at first but it turns out alright. ^_^ 


1. U must have an eye. So prep it and it better be clean. I am not responsible for any damages on your eyes. 

 2. Add lighter color half of your lid and another half a bit darker color. 

 3. Line your eyes with eyeliner. I am using Kajal by Miss Rose. 

 4. Smudge it outward....... 

5. You're done~! yay! 


Saturday, November 24, 2012


Return of the Red and Pink.

It is a rainy day and I am feeling a bit blue but I am sure I won't let my lips turns blue as well.
What better color to put on your lip than Red or Pink. There are so many red/pink shades, I am clueless which one is
suitable for me. I am learning, pardon me. My lack of knowledge and my lack of enthusiatic putting on
lipsticks for most of my life takes a toll now. Fret not! As like any of you, I am now in a midst of finding and collecting
lipsticks. ^_^ 

Maybelline 065 Hooked on Pink

This is not Pink or I dont think it is, tell me if I am color blind. This color really stand out and suits for my tan skin.
It is a dark red with a lot of character. I feel like goth sometimes wearing it when I really apply it strongly.
you get the point.

Revlon 415 Pink In the Afternoon


Perfect color for my freshly cut and dye hair. My hair color is a bit blonde brown ( as the stylist said) and this shade of pink
blends well with my look. It stayed on very well and does not gives me a Joker smile when rain pouring down on my face.

After this itch, I will see if I want to buy more lipstick colors... hmmm


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving and Makeup

Thanksgiving and I have a crush. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and bosses. It has been a great week to work as almost everyone took half day. *grin* Anywho..I have a crush and it is blue and I am wearing it. 

It is from MAC palette, A FAKE MAC palette. Yes, guilty as charge. We (Malaysian) are like any third world country, we sell fakes in open air, over the street where people passing by and even policy buy fakes! ^_^ ok, I am not supporting fake. I just making a point that I did buy fake and it is the first and the last thing I'll do. 

I will talk about MAC fake palette, if you want and have request for it but for now, I just want to show you my look I created out of boredom and after awhile MIA without make up, I feel awkward and clueless about blending etc.. 

This is the look, 

 Here's the culprit.

 THE FAKE MAC Palette....



                     til next time!  Happy Weekend!!!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012


A Wedding and Make up

2 person in love tied a knot on 18th November 2012 and it was a friend of mine back while I was in Uni. It was a lively
wedding, minus heavy rain we have in KL currently. The theme was gold and very traditional.
My friend looked oh-so-gorgeous on her wedding day and I am sure she was pleased to see all of
her mischievous friends were there for her wedding.

Even though I wasn't all that traditional with long maxi dress and long torquise cardigan, I am
happy just to be there and beside it would be troublesome to change clothes again as my sister and I
went to the city after the wedding. (opssss)

Here are my make up for the wedding.

Eyes: I am bad of recall what I put on my eyes but roughly, I used Dark Shadow palette and UD Naked palette ( Sin & Smog).

Eyebrow: Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara 

Face: Make Up Forever HD foundation

      Benefit Havana

      Mac Highlighting and Contouring

Lips: Revlon "Pink in The Afternoon"

Here are a sneak peek of Malaysian Wedding. 

This time the groom need to pass "gatekeeper" and have to pay some "ransom" to get to the bride. This tradition is almost faded and
I am glad it is still used in modern time ^_^

I hope Norsha and her husband is blessed with prosperity, health and love til end of time.

TIl next time! Hugs! Hugs!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas At Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Christmas @ Pavilion, KL Malaysia