Saturday, September 29, 2012

Braids, Hair

Hair Reminder

By now, my obsess of braids are cut short due to the unfortunate event that leads to my decision to trim my hair shorter......................OR the real factor is I am really bored with long hair that I kept for more than 10 years now. So  this is a reminder for myself that if I will be having my long hair again and see those pinterest ladies have a cute braid and I get de-motivated by it, I want to see this photos and say "if I can do it before, I can do it again" 

(note: this is not my head/hair, my colleague has a long beautiful hair waiting for my itchy hands to do braid on it) 

This is my hair and my attempt to do Hunger Games braid, which I admit I haven't watch that movie but it is a very edgy braid to wear.

Fish Braid

Overall, it is not as difficult as it looks but oh man oh man, did my arms suffered when I tried my first braid. Practice makes perfect!

(note: all of my photos taken by my Nokia, hence the need to twist my arms around the back of my hair is obvious. )


Friday, September 28, 2012

Awesome Hard Rock

 Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

 We are young, we are rocking and we are staying at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang! It has been a while back when I first visited Penang. Back then there wasn't any Hard Rock Hotel nor super expensive ala-Miami apartments. It is just a place with a lot of great foods and beaches.

                                         The entrance 

 Fast forward to 2012, Hard Rock Hotel is the talked of the town ,the IT place, the place where Malaysian can experience Hard Rock Hotel other than at Bali or Pattaya. For me, it is just another place to take more pictures! muah aha ha ha... 

From balcony. Seaview Deluxe. 

My travel buddy and one of my close friend, Mazian is the culprit who brought me here.

The price for one room per  night is making my skin crawl and my purse crying. Though I am sure by now it is crying of joy as I keep promoting Hard Rock Hotel as if I owned Hard Rock. Nice thought huh?

Seaview Deluxe Room 

Bathroom that you can choose to let everyone see you in the bathroom...or you can choose to let Elvis see you in the bathroom...

                               Furniture in the hotel..if I want to feel important....

If you wondering if there's any other attraction apart from the Hotel, generally speaking, Penang is the coolest place. I will go back soon enough and will update more. For now, my main focus would be the hotel itself. The amazing Hard Rock Hotel which makes me wonder if The Beatles owns it as The Beatles are all over the place. Seriously... like this...

The beaches are nice too but I admit once I went to the Hotel, I don't even care about the beach! So if you are wondering if there any activities to do at the beach, there is, beach boys will come up to you and tell you about the package. Sorry, I can't tell that much of details about beach activity as hotel awesomeness is too overwhelms, my ears is hearing only rock and roll. 

Dining Area/ Restaurant 

(I have a feeling that James Bond might walking towards me...) 

Not feeling beachy, just go to the swimming pool area though it keep me wondering why people wearing big sunglasses in the pool? Any explanation?


Cabana pool which cost me RM20 per hour... is it worth it? yes, it made me feel like Paris Hilton.. fat Paris Hilton..

Random image from Batu Ferringhi stretch of stalls...

Well...that's all folks! I apologize for causing you a hint of jealousy.Just to be fair, I am bragging ..cause I was there and you are NOT...muah a ha ha haha.. on serious and sincerely note, be here and have fun! ^_^ 

until next time... 

Have a great weekend!