Friday, December 9, 2011

30 Days Make Up Challenge- Day 20

Favorite eyeshadow primer

My favorite eyeshadow primer is ......(drum rolls)

Etude House Proof 10  Eye Primer

 photo credit: traciethediva


Essence You Rock Eyeshadow Base

I don't review these two amazing eyeshadow base yet.(opppssss!) but if I want to recommend cheap good base these would be it. Etude House Eyeshadow Primer cost RM29 and Essence is RM11.Yes, that cheap and it is so good! I was a bit skeptical because cheap make up usually doesn't have a good finish but Essence, really Rock my world!

This is a new brand just landed to my beautiful country and it is available at Watson's Pharmacy, Sungei Wang.I can only see this brand there but if anyone knows other Watson's branch carry this brand, let me know please! Ok! ok! I think I should do separate post with this primer. 

Coming soon then! 

 Have a great Day, Kiss! kiss!


  1. you should! I am very impressed with this primer!