Sunday, October 30, 2011

 Daiso Winmax@ Winwax Light Color Nail Enamel


Price: RM 5


It's light pink

Easy to apply


Too runny

Too light for my taste

Contradict no? I hope not. It is exactly what it is said to be. "LIGHT".
You really need to coat at least twice or thrice to get a  nice pink color because it is LIGHT,
on my dark skin, it doesn't look nice actually.

I have no further complaint about it, it is only for RM 5. I guess perfect for someone who doesn't like nail
colors to be too bold or too noticable. ^_^

Have a great day!! Oh! what did you girls be on Halloween yesterday? ^_^ 


  1. It's pretty! Shame it's so runny, and not more opaque.

  2. @Vintage: yeah! pretty shame isn't opaque:(

  3. love it !! I'm going trick treating yeeey with nephew have a good one sweetie

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  4. @Curves: Trick or Treat to you!! wow.. so fun!!! love it! Have fun!! ^_^