Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hey Hey Hey!!

How are you girls doing?! I am good. I am a bit busy for few days. Sorry! ^_^

Anyway, yesterday my sister bought me a birthday gift! Actually my birthday is in few days but what the hell.. I always love gifts! Who doesn't?!!!! She bought me colored contact lens! I used to wear it a few years back but at that time, my eyes seems to rejected it thus the feeling uncomfortable always in a way. Luckily for me, this contact lens pretty comfortable and I think the solution is one of the thing that made a huge different!

I bought this contact lens just for fun of it. It is pretty an asian thing..well.. like having a straight hair, you wanted to do curls and brunette tend to dye it blonde and vice versa.

This is my contact lens. Look how it made my eyes 10 times more bigger?!! It made me feel like an alien eyes! Katy Perry's song ET songs stuck in my head all the time whenever I used this contact!

Blue - it blends with my dark eyes.

A cute bottle named "Super Barbie Eyes" which I think they should change it to ExtraTerrestrial Dream Eyes.

Silly face ate ice cream with bigger eye balls!

I bought it at Sungei Wang Plaza on 6th floor. I love 6th floor, they have so much goodies, I want to buy everything! ^_^ Fake eyelashes only for RM1.50 (o.50 USD) per piece and 12 pieces for RM 12.90 (4 USD)! I will review it if i buy it though I will guarantee you, I will f***ing buy it! ^_^

This is their store blogshop: Kawaii Eyes!


Have a good sunday, girls! ^_^

p/s: for colored eyes people, if you want darker eyes, you are UNGRATEFUL. Look what we do to have yours?!


  1. uwaaaa...mcm magibon! nak jugak! hihihi

  2. kan?!! apa lagie.. beli le sepasang! ^_^

  3. Wow. I've never seen contacts quite so big. They're a pretty color though. :-)

  4. @Jhan: hehe.. it is big!! it really gives that anime look effect! ^_^