Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Raya Nails!

It was Aidilfitri yesterday and I was super duper tired! ^_^

I will be going to an open house at my aunt's and I am rocking this nail art. Simple and cute nail art! So every time when I want to reach those delicious cookies and cakes.. everyone will notice my cute nails! ^_^ "I am so vain.. I think this blog is about me.. lala la la la"

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aidilfitri Make Up Idea (2)

Another idea for Raya make up though I think it looks like Brazilian flag inspired, don't you think? hmm..well, I guess I can use this make up if I travel to Brazil or simply hang out

with my friends shouting "GOALL!!!" when it is World cup fever again. ^_^

The simple look only consist of yellow on upper lid and blue on lower lid but as usual, I like to add something and add dark green on outer corner as if it would make it more smokey effect. ^_^ Not knowing that I will end up being sued by Brazilian flag police. yikes!

The simple:


The add-ons: Italic



I used only 120 palette. ^_^

Til next time!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Make Up Idea for Raya@ Aidilfitri

Next week will be Raya! ^_^ I am excited because after 2 years being apart from family especially for big occasion like this, I feel like a kid again. ^_^

So I came up with simple look for Raya ^_^ . This is why I love doing eye make up, you can wear it as it is or.. add more color to make a different.

Only green



Then my hand start feeling itchy and putting on blue color on outer corner.



simple, yes?

who said eyeshadow is difficult?

Yay! this is my 300th post! ^_^ who knew I can rambling so much?

Interview Glow

I went to interview last week and this is the look I wore on the interview. Though the interviewer seems pretty laid back but I feel very much over dressed for interview! ^_^ Oh like I care.


I went for a bit of brownish smokey effect with thick lashes ( I adore my fake lashes!) and keep everything simple.No contouring whatsoever.


Whoa! this is quite huge pic!

Whether I will score the job, who knew? For painting my face, I am patting myself on my back, I felt great with that make up! ^_^



Nyx Jumbo in Milk

Stila smudge pot in Bronze

Nyx For Brown Eyes (Dark Brown)

Stila eyeshadow in Glee (above crease)

Maybelline Kohl pencil black


Lumene Time Freeze- Almond

H&M blush in Peach


Maybelline Color Sensation Iced Caramel

This is how I did my hair for the interview.^_^ Professional , no?


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Face of The Day @ Idea for Aidilfitri celebration Make up!

This is my make up a few days back.^_^ It has been a while I didn't post about making my face up.

So I have a free day to play with make up! I don't know what color will be my baju kurung.

What is Baju Kurung?

It is a traditional female clothes from Malaysia, Brunei and it can be found worn by South East Asian countries.

(photo credit: Sexy version of Baju Kurung @ known as Baju Kebaya)

(photo credit: Baju Kurung Light Blue)

Now the make up,


Etude Primer

Wet & Wild Greed palette (Brule as base color)

(photo credit: LobsterFace )

pink and a bit of purple though in this picture, purple dominate the pink! BAD Purple! ^_^

(above crease)

H&M Solid Black kohl (tighliner for upper lid only)

Fake lashes


Lumene Primer

Lumene Time Freeze (20-Almond)

Wet & Wild Pressed Powder


SilkyGirl Lipgloss