Friday, April 8, 2011

Review - Lumene Time Freeze Foundation

photo: Lumene

Instant Lift Make up

Anti- Aging

My experience:

I bought this foundation because it was on sale Crazy Day at Stockmann. I know this foundation is meant for mature skin but the first time I bought this foundation, I didn't know. I was sucked into the sale, I didn't bother to look at the descriptions. Opsss.. lesson to be learned there.

Even so, I gave it a try and it turns out very nicely.I don't need to use concealer to conceal my blemish scar. It has thick cream and nice coverage. It doesn't have any smells and it blend in your skin very well.

It claim to instantly lift make up and it does what it claims to be. My skin looks "lifted" even though I know you were wondering if I have saggy skin. No, I don't. It even out your skin tone perfectly. I don't need and shouldn't have to apply more than once or put a lot on my skin because it tends to be very oily in the end of the day and it is a nightmare for oily skin like me.

So if you have Lumene foundations available near you, get it. Even if its for mature skin, it is nice for young skin as well. Just use a little amount of it and you will love the result. Even after I remove it, it leaves my skin a nice feeling. ^_^

I have to bought 2 shades of foundation, just because my skin tends to change color easily. *ugh*but usually people do buy 2 shades to really match their skin tone.

I think I will try this on my mom skin. I bet it suits her though it will take me some persuasion. ^_^


Feels light on my skin ( if you like to feel a cake on your face, you can put tons on it)

Blend in my skin very well

Instant lift on my skin

Cover my blemishes and other scars perfectly

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