Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lip Balm

Before I moved to Finland, I never used lip balm. My lips never dry back home but the moment the air of coldness slap on my skin, my lips suffer the most. Lip balm is my savior.

This is La Maxima. I got this from my bf. He was on Turkish Airline and they giving it for free. Usually I don't give a rat ass about product from airline, especially when they giving it free but out of desperation, I used it on my very dry lip and the next morning, I don't have dry any more! My dry lips is awful and it have very red line on my upper lips that looks like I'm wearing red lip liner in a bad way.

There is one seller from ebay selling this lip balm. For now I've only manage to search one seller.
Oh well..

There is another lip balm that become my favorite. It is Blistex Lip Conditioner. There's nothing difference between lip conditioner and lip balm anyway or that's how I feel when I use both of them.

Seriously, I can be out without my make up but without a lip balm, I won't dare to go out.

If this a commercial I would probably do it like most Mentos do in their commercials, big flashy smile on my face and holding lip balm to the camera or acting trying too hard being sexy. ^_^

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