Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 11: A picture of Something you hate

Cutting in line. Oh, how much I hate it! I can tolerate a lot of things but cutting in line really pisses me off the most. I still remember when I was in amusement park, there's always some asshole keep cutting the line to be first person who get into the rides... it is not even a kid, goddamn it!

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  1. This post totally made me Laugh Out Loud!! I hate cutters too, they're so incredibly rude. I always love when someone says "Um, the end of the line is back there buddy." Then they act totally clueless about what they were doing. Love this post!

  2. Thanks, Sulli! I really truly hate people cutting in line! *urgh*

  3. Found you on Blog Frog! I love your whole blog, so cute and fun!!