Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1€ scarf, eyeshadow in Turquoise by H & M and Eylure False Eyelashes

I saw this scarf a last week when it was 3€ and I don't know what holding me buying it but when next morning awaken me (which rarely happened) I was thinking about that scarf!
I was pretty much frustrated and beating myself not to buy at the first sight and I bought another 1€ scarf from H &M. It was ok but in my heart, I wanted the other scarf. I always torture myself from buying stuff that I wanted and playing some game that my sister and I played whenever we went shopping, "if we dream about it tonight, we need to buy it". In a way, it is a good thing to prevent impulsive shopping. (yeah right *rolled eyes)

Today, I went back to H & M to exchange the eyeshadow I bought yesterday because it was broken. I don't know why but the moment I went inside H & M, I went straight to sales section and found THE SCARF! yeaaaaa! Best of all, it reduced to 1€! yeeaaaa.....Feeling like dancing in the rain...

After I exchanged the eyeshadow, I tried a look with turquoise eyeshadow with my new false lashes. The lashes is fabulous! The price tag was 5€ but it was only 3€! good deal! I love this lashes, it looks natural on my eyes because it is in small size ...unlike other false lashes I tried before it was a disaster, look pretty darn scary I would say :)

Now I am thinking about buying another one ..just in case...:) I hope it is still available! *bitting fingernails*

H&M Eyeshadow in Turquoise

Miss Eylure Lashlet

The Look

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