Friday, April 17, 2015

Review -Maybelline BrowIt Challenge prize

For someone who rarely win anything, it is a nice surprise to be one of the winner for Maybelline BrowIt challenge, which require you to draw only one brow on your face and compare it to non-brow side, after and before using their new BrowIt brow pencil.

I got mine in Brown and even though it say brown, it surely doesn't look like one. It is more of taupe color.

Back to my prize, I received Color Sensation lipstick in Pink Peony, BB Cream in Natural , Eyeshadow in Sparkle Grey , and BabyBliss balm in Orange. 

One instagrammer commented that Maybelline does not give the prize as advertised when Maybelline announced that the winner will receive prize value of RM 200.  We'll how it goes since Maybelline will look into it.

Anyway, this is the look that I create using all of the products given. You can say it is like a first impression review.

I will be using other brand as well, just telling you guys upfront.

1. Lip balm
This has a nice hydrating feeling to it and give a tint of pink on lips.

2. Eyeshdow on lid, Smokey or minus the dark grey to make it day friendly.

3. BB cream
Unfortunately, the color is too white and I ended up use loads of bronzer correct it.

4. Lip stick in Pink Peony, it wasn't the best color on me, I ended up gave to my mom. 

5. Add fake eyelashes, blusher and bronzer by Urban Decay Flushed; eyeliner from Maybelline Masterliner; In2It brow pencil in Chestnut and concealer by Tarte.

Thank you, Maybelline and thank you for your time.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Review - In2it Brow Liner

My my what a surprise this brow pencil from in2it cosmetics gave me. The reason I bought this because.....

a) It was cheap 

b) It has slim thin feature. 

c) I need a backup brow liner since I often forget  Tarte's gel mousse and pretty much lazy to sit and  do my brow. 

So I thought if I don't like this, throw it away but it seems this is not bad at all, not bad at all. The brown color in Chestnut and Acorn that I purchased suits my hair color and my skin tone too and since it is a very thin brow liner, I can easily control it and do small light stroke of my barely there/ messy/ ununiform brow to a decent brow. 

Most of the time, I will only use Chestnut but if I have more time, I will do somewhat gradient effect on my brow with Acorn, Chestnut and top with Tarte eyebrow gel mousse. Gosh, and to think it is only for eyebrows. 

Perhaps that because my brow isn't thick makes it hard for me to search for brow liner that does not makes it even more bolder or squarish. 


To conclude, this liner makes my brow on FLEEK.  

I purchased it at Watson  Pharmacy around RM17.

(me and half done face)


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Review - Be Good

This is impromptu purchase which I regret nothing. My sis and I went to The Curve and they have this bazaar of independent businesses doing their sell and I bought 3 products to bring home with me. 

It was mainly one cute stall by the name of Be Good. It sells face scrub, body scrub, lip scrub, lip balm and also mosquito repeller. wait, what? 

It has a cute packaging and I thought it could be a lip balm! so when the sales girl told us it was a mosquito repeller, I feel impressed instantly. It has a hipster way of showing my mosquito repeller is better than yours. Nevertheless, it has a cute packaging. 

At the end, I bought Body Scrub in Lavender Dream RM 25, Lip Balm in Mandarin  Lemonade RM8 and an Organic Face Scrub RM 10. Yes, it was cheap and I regret not to buy more. I will, I will when I finish all of these. They have a few more scents to choose and I really wanted to know if people are digging to smell like lemongrass.

Back home, I treat myself for body scrub and face scrub. Body scrub leaves my skin oh-so-smooth. It does leaves somewhat a greasy feeling but once you wipe with towels and totally dry, your skin is smooth like baby bottom. I did not smell the scent myself but my sis told me the scent is quite prominent when I step outside the bathroom.  

For face scrub, the sales girl told me this is the only product which is edible, it contains Rice, Oats and I have no idea what is the third ingredient but I can assure you it smells like Quaker Oats. 

I guess I am using it wrong and should at least use it after patting my face dry after cleansing it.

I did it differently after cleanse my face and add a little water to make it a paste and it does leaves my skin feeling delicious and smooth. I couldn't say what have it done to my skin but as long it does not break me out, I am happy. 
As for lip balm, if you are not fancy to have much oily feeling on lips, this one might not be your cup of tea. It has a bit of grainy and oily feeling that probably best for someone who has extremely dry lips. As for me, since I bought, I might as well use it til it finish as I am not fancy the grainy feeling of lip balm as well.

Conclusively body scrub and face scrub has a higher place in my beauty vanity. 

Do check them out at:


Plumy Look

I should wear plum lipstick too, that was on my mind when I finish the look and took a pic of it. 

Oh well, after a week of feeling like crap and down with fever, I painted my face to make me feel better. 

Alas,plumy look is here starring Too Faced Chocolate Bar and Tartelette. 

Here are the step by step: 

1. Salted Caramel (too faced)  on crease blend it outward.

2. Best Friend (Tarte) on crease, deepen the crease and blend it with Salted Caramel. 

3. Black Forest Truffle (TooFaced) on lid 

4. Cherry Cordial (Too faced) on crease to blend it with. 

5. Clean fluffly brush to soften every thing. 

6. Eyebrow (In2It in Chestnut) 

7. Fake lashes by Diamond Lash. 

8. Lipstick (Loreal in Beige Sienna) 

After all that, I could go on a date, with myself. 


Monday, April 13, 2015

Review- Too Cool For School - Hand Cream & Beauty Sponge

Yet another purchase that spawn out of my greediness to search of holy grail of beauty products.

The sea of beauty products are too much one can endure and buy, for I am only a poor peasant girl who unfortunately likes high end products. For this, I am curse. 

We all are... damned. Another product that I see has a cute packaging but care none for their product are Too Cool For School until I bought myself a hand cream by the name of Rose and Mark. That alone can change the course of my purchase history.

It does has a cute fluffy cat which is my biggest weakness. Hence, I picked it up while the sales girl recited the product as if she's a tape recorder robot. Every time I picked up a product, she will play like a tape recorder and recite the ingredients, for what and how to use and if it is a best seller, all but the price. Funny really, but I went home with Rose and Mark and a beauty sponge in the end. The tape recorder does something on my mind it seems.

The hand cream was divine. The hand cream of only royalties, kings and queen and princesses wear if their hands are feeling dry from hot mess and this hand cream made it smooth and hydrated. It is a superb hand cream. My hands aren't sticky and left with scent that only grandmother appreciates. My sister called it "It smells like a grandmother, a hip grandmother who likes hand creams before going to bed". 

It has a nice comforting smell and grandmother or not, I love it. Price RM 53. 

Beauty sponge is a like any beauty sponge, to blend out foundation and concealers and it does it job well and though it is slightly hard sponge when you try to squeeze it, it blends well. Price RM 37. 

What I like about it is their packaging, I can put any of my beauty blender and looks cute too. Bonus! 

Perhaps next time, I will try their powders, foundations and lipstick/lip stains. Alas, til we meet again. 


Monday, April 6, 2015

Review - Food/ Restaurant - Mohammad Chow Restaurant

Since I am keeping the goal of trying new places to eat outside, this discovery is truly a great one.
I think I stumble upon this restaurant by blogger or a website. Whatever it is, it deserved a hug since this has been my favorite food place to be. 

No fancy- mancy interior but oh-my-god worthy of delicious cuisine. 

My parent enjoyed the foods as well and planned to go there again with menu on their mind. They are loving it as much. 

We took 2 Fried Rice, mine was Yong Chow and my dad was salted fish. Practically they are the same except one put salted fish on top of it.

Vegetable with oyster sauce (small) 

Butter Milk Sauce Chicken

Beef Ginger Sauce (small)

Prawn Fritters (small)

Every dish is in small size and believe me, it is enough for 4. Taste was excellent and for once, I thought why am dieting again? 

If you are thinking of Chinese Muslim foods, please check this place out : 

Perdana Business Centre

3-1, Jalan PJU 8/5h, Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

03-7731 6383

Happy Eating y'all! 



Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Review - The Met Kuala Lumpur - Hair Love

On Friday I washed me hair and though I adore my hair, I begin to dislike the color. So, on saturday morning, I went to The Met, easily spotted since the salon located under Park Royal Hotel. 

Before I went there, I did a research on best salon, best colorist and I decided The Met. It was convenient to me anyway. 

I went there and greeted by Amir, he specifically cuts hair. Then there was a colorist, shit, I dont remember his name but whoever went there, he is a pro colorist.  We talked through what kind of color suitable and ended up I chose JLo inspired hair color with highlights. He explained that highlights can gives more definition on my curls. Finally!! someone making sense!

So this was my color before, copper brown-ish. 

(I took from my previous post since it was the only available on my phone..:-))

Tada..after big "renovation", I feel like a million bucks! There's nothing better than a good hair day. 

I love the color and the cut. Amir was very patiently and diligently use curl thong on my hair. 

End of my 6 hours big renovation hair, I walked out happy. I even hugged the colorist!   

All I can say it may be the most expensive hairdo I ever done but its worth every cent of it. 

Check them out, The Met Kuala Lumpur.